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One of the drifter cars coming straight at me!

This gives new meaning to the term “burn rubber” for me. Yesterday, I attended a sneak peek of the Long Beach Grand Prix (which is happening this weekend) on Hollywood Boulevard. Basically, drifter cars & Indy cars were brought into the middle of Hollywood for a day of burning rubber and pit stop challenges. You have got to see the videos below of the drifter cars burning rubber and even dueling 3 at a time! Thanks to Marc Burton at the LB Grand Prix, I was front and center for these displays-literally-6 inches from race cars making hair pin turns and kicking up some serious smoke. In fact, after this, I was picking burnt rubber off of the lip gloss on my mouth! Not gonna lie-there were times I thought I was going to get hit. Check it out:

Mark Walberg at the Long Beach Grand Prix event on Hollywood Boulevard

Mark Walberg was also at the event as he will serve as the race’s Grand Marshall and his wife Rhea Durham looked on as he admired the cars. Soon after, P. Diddy arrived with an entourage and checked out the racing machines shortly before Camp Freddy came onstage and rocked the house. Car racing rocks!

Red Bull Drifter Car Burning Rubber:

3 Drifter Cars Duking It Out:

Green Drifter Car Burning Rubber:

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  1. Marc Burton says:

    Wait was I there?

  2. Marc Burton says:

    Wait did I go?

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