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Animal shelters are a very stressful environment for dogs and cats. There is lots of loud noises, fear and loneliness that the animals experience on a constant basis. But one boy in Southern California is determined to make the animal shelter a little brighter for the residents.

shelter dog

Six-year-old Jacob Tumulan bring his little mat and beloved books with him to the Carson Animal Shelter near Los Angeles for therapy Thursday every week. While he is there, he reads to the dogs who would otherwise have very little human contact and for many, have never had the love or care of a person before. And it seems to have a calming effect on the dogs.

At the same time, Jacob is also reaping the benefits of this as he is autistic and very sensitive to loud sounds. Since he has been reading to the dogs, he is able to block out noises more effectively and is now reading at a third grade level! Not to mention, he is bringing awareness to the plight of homeless animals.

For more on this touching story, click here. And to learn how you can adopt/rescue/foster Carson shelter dogs, click here.

What do you think about Jacob and his way of showing shelter dogs love? Comment below!


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  1. M.Alison Osmus says:

    I have had a shelter beautiful German Shepard I adopted 3 years ago, he has major anxiety, he circles everything like trees,it’s very difficult for him to relax, he’s a shepherd so he’s a great watch dog, very affectionate, sweet dog but too hyper, he spent 6 months in Lodi shelter & another 6 months in So.Tahoe shelter, which is way too long for any dog to survive without mental problems.I think this story of Jacob reading to the dogs is priceless & our world would be a much better place with more loving compassionate people like Jacob.Youre a wonderful person Jacob,& the do’s feel your love!

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