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It seems that a group of rhino poachers were attacked and eaten by a pride of lions in South Africa this week.

rhino and lion

Apparently, the rhino poachers were sneaking into the Sibuya Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape on Monday, but weren’t able to make it too far.

On Tuesday, a game reserve driver taking tourists around on a safari discovered human remains near a pride of lions. Also found were an ax, a high-powered rifle with a silencer, wire cutters, three pairs of shoes, and gloves.

“They came heavily armed with hunting rifles and axes which we have recovered and enough food to last them for several days so we suspect they were after all of our rhinos here. But the lions are our watchers and guardians and they picked the wrong pride and became a meal.” Sibuya owner Rick Fox said.

“We suspect two were killed, possibly three,” Sibuya owner Nick Fox maintained. Various body parts discovered included a human skull, limbs, and part of a pelvis.

Sadly, over 1,000 rhinos were slaughtered in South Africa last year. Perhaps this will send a message to other poachers? What do you think?

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