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While some celebrities get paid millions of dollars to advertise and promote fast food and junk food brands, other celebrities take into account the importance of healthier living. Obesity in the United States has been the highest it’s ever been and it is important for younger generations to learn the importance of eating healthy.

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The Fruits and Vegetables Campaign (FNV), was created to teach and get millennials’ attention about fruits and vegetables. Its platform is to promote healthier foods while aiming to inspire people to gain control of their bad eating habits. The organization wants you and I to realize that eating healthy should be something we care about.

Marketing plays a huge role in this organization’s mission. Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Victor Cruz, Stephen Curry, Cam Newton and many well known companies have all helped fundraise. The creation of a website, social media posts, billboards ads and an eye catching logo have allowed FNV to continue to grow.

Social media has been the most beneficial way of reaching the younger generations. Celebrities do have an influence on their fans, millennials look up to them. Marketing is the key in making this campaign stand out. First Lady Michelle Obama is on board with the campaign as well, and states that the content is current and fresh. If this media push works for unhealthy foods, then it should work for healthy foods. Hash tags and posts have engaged many people to become interested in interacting with the information. Get on board with spreading FNV’s message and follow them on social media for information and tips on how to be healthier. Will you join? Comment below!


Written by Alexa Furr

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