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Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell hit the Red Carpet at the "Piranha 3D" premiere image: frazier harrison/getty

I have to say, Piranha 3D (opens Friday) is a good movie. We are obviously not talking Academy Awards here, but it delivers everything you would want in this type of film-campyness, humor, Spring Break, T&A for the guys, boats on a lake, lots of blood, gore, and limbs, and of course, killer fish! The movie, directed by Alexandre Aja, stars the hilarious and spot on Jerry O’Connell as a smarmy porno king who basically lures girls onto a boat through booze and drugs, then coaxes them to get naked and films them in compromising positions (hmmm…sounds like somebody else you may have heard of?) and Elisabeth Shue as the hardworking sheriff in town who is battling the piranhas while trying to keep her family safe.

Ving Rhames battling the piranhas image: dimension films

The film also stars a slew of seasoned actors in small parts, like Richard Dreyfuss as the piranhas first victim, Christopher Lloyd as a mad scientist (can anyone do it better?), and Ving Rhames as a Deputy who also kicks some piranha ass. Also, look for Eli Roth as the quintessential Spring Break we t-shirt host, Ricardo Chavira as a deep sea diver determined to figure out what is going on with this funky lake, Playboy cover girl Kelly Brook as a “wild girl,” and Jessica Szohr as a seemingly naive college co-ed dying to “get wild.”

The ladies of "Piranha 3D": Jessica Szohr, Elisabeth Shue, Kelly Brook, and Riley Steele image: michael buckner/getty

And last night at the premiere in Hollywood, the stars of the film turned out, including a handsome Jerry O’Connell-decked in a dark suit-who arrived with wifey Rebecca Romijn, Jessica Szohr in Marchesa Notte, Kelly Brook in a long flowy shimmery gown, a cobalt blue sheath wearing Elisabeth Shue along with hubby Davis Guggenheim, and Adam Scott. The after-party at Bardot had the O’Connells and Guggenheims holding court in the middle of VIP area, surrounded by publicists, agents, friends, and Bob Weinstein. Voluptuous Kelly Brook preferred to float around the room chatting with fans, as did Adam Scott. Oh yea, and guess what they served besides crudite, chicken skewers, and vodka cocktails? Swedish fish!

Here is my chat with Jerry O’Connell about Piranha 3D (and the Real Housewives too!):

And Kelly Brook telling me about her what she is up to as well as her shoot for the upcoming cover of Playboy:

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