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Have you ever wanted to eat and learn about sushi from the masters in Japan? Well, now is your chance to do that. You can join Sushi University in Japan for the ultimate guided sushi experience.

sushi chef omakase

The unique concept goes something like this. You can use the service (don’t worry there are no tests or homework!) while in Japan to connect with some of the most obscure and hidden omakase dining spots that you would otherwise not know about or find. It’s like getting a an insider tip from a friend.

Basically, you contact the service and let a “professor” know where you are staying. Then, the professor will make a reservation at a sushi restaurant within 30 minutes of your hotel. And because this is a full service business, the professor will accompany you to the restaurant where they have already contacted the chef and have translated the menu for you in one of twelve different languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean or Thai.


While you are there enjoying your meal, your professor can translate any questions you may have for the chef (many of them speak little to no English). And even if you don’t have any questions, the chefs will explain the ingredients and the sushi making process. It is a learning experience after all!

Learn more about Sushi University here. So would you sign up for this? I would!

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