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James Franco is many things-an actor, a director, an Oscars host, writer, activist, and now, a curator of art.

James Franco in drag, shot by Terry Richardson

This week, I attended Franco’s latest creative endeavor with MOCA-a multimedia art exhibit called “Rebel,” which draws upon the final movie of the late James Dean. Basically, each instillation (videos, sculptures, paintings, drawings, and even famous Hollywood landmarks) was based upon one of the many themes of the iconic film. There were also pieces of art derived from little-known Hollywood stories associated with the movie. One short film in particular focused on the affair between Natalie Wood and Dennis Hopper, which Franco became privy to from Hopper before his death.

A short film starring Franco

This unconventional showing succeeded in putting a fresh spin on interpreting this long discussed drama. Franco himself, who seemed to be keen on watching onlookers take in his project as he hovered around the space, was adamant in not creating a simple ode to Rebel Without a Cause. He also mentioned that he didn’t have an obsession with the film, as he is asked that quite frequently.

Guests enjoying cocktails under the replica of a Hollywood landmark

On a lighter note, guests were served some tasty GREY GOOSE cocktails, and one of my faves was the Cherry Noir Cherry Collins. This is going into my summer drink rotation. Here is how you make it: 2 parts GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir, 3/4 parts fresh lemon juice, 3/4 parts simple syrup, and a splash of club soda. And voila! A delish poolside drink!

James Franco answering questions from MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch

James Franco’s “Rebel” runs through June 23rd at JF Chen. Admission is free.

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  1. F. Timmons says:

    Sorry James, you are not a pretty girl!

  2. Golden Girl says:

    I love Grey Goose. It is my favorite kind of vodka hands down. And James Franco——he is hot!

  3. Anonymous says:

    James Franco sure is one of a kind. I need to see this exhibit. It looks really interesting.

  4. CBN says:

    That cocktail sounds amazing. Thx for the recipe!

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