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Are you a fan of pilates? I am! I have loved this core-toning and strengthening form of exercise for a decade now. And I thought that I had done every incarnation of pilates (Power, Pure, Cardio….) until I tried Hot Pilates.

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So what is Hot Pilates? Basically, the class offerings include basic pilates (Pilates 101), pilates sculpt, pilates barre, Yoga-Lates (a yoga/pilates mix), and even pilates booty, all done in a room heated to 95 degrees. Muy caliente!

My two favorite teachers are Greg Louis and the owner of the studio, Shannon Nadj. Both are extremely detail-oriented and are sticklers for good form, which I appreciate. After all, why would you want to waste your time and energy by not doing the exercises correctly and not getting the maximum benefit?

The exercises themselves are a challenge, but paired with the added heat takes this workout to a whole other level. The only drawback is you get incredibly sweaty, like puddle on the floor sweaty. But it’s worth it. Just remember to take a large bottle of water along because you will drink it. And be sure to hydrate all day following your workout.

I feel so good after sweating it out and I can tell a major difference in the way I look and feel. I don’t weigh myself, because I think the numbers don’t validate me. It’s how I feel. And I know my clothes fit much better, I feel lighter and I have much more energy than I did before. And that is something to be obsessed with if you ask me! You can visit Hot Pilates here. And get ready to get hot!

* Always check with your physician or medical health professional before starting any form of exercise plan or workout.

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