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Hurricane Harvey made landfall in my home state of Texas on Friday night, and the effects have been nothing short of devastating. And that includes what has happened to pets. Thousands of animals have been injured or displaced because of the storm, with many others who weren’t able to be saved.

hurricane harvey dogs

The police chief in Texas issued a warning to pet owners before Hurricane Harvey hit, saying that pets are family members and they must be considered during any evacuation efforts. “I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains they’re [sic] dog in extreme weather conditions,” warned Chief Stephen Carlisle. “It is against the law to keep a dog on a chain during extreme weather conditions or between 10 p.m. – 6 a.m.,” he continued.

hurricane harvey pets 2

Still, many did not heed the warning, and restrained their pets in these extreme conditions. Thankfully, many animals were rescued, but others need help. And here is how you can help animals affected by the storm.

hurricane harvey dog

1. Donate to the Humane Society and the SPCA of Texas-Several HSUS locations along the Gulf Coast have been taking in animals and sending out animal rescue teams to affected areas. The SPCA of Texas has also been taking in homeless and abandoned pets, as well as rescuing them.

2. Donate to Austin Pets Alive!- They have been on the ground moving animals to their shelter in Austin

3. Donate Pet Supplies-If you you, donate supplies such as dog food, cat food, litter, crates, blankets to Austin Pets Alive! You can also view the nonprofit’s Amazon Wish List here.

4. Volunteer at one of the local Gulf Coast Animal Shelters

5. Take in any stranded animals you come across

6. Adopt a pet that has been affected by Hurricane Harvey

Please share this post so that others might be able to help pets affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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