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This is absolutely heartbreaking. Sugar, an adorable and sweet pit bull, was tragically lost in NYC on February 23rd. Sugar was last seen around 23rd Street and 3rd Avenue, wearing a blue sweater. She went missing after going on a walk with her dog walker, who is believed to have been high on drugs at the time.  It is now being theorized that the pup might have been sold into the dogs for drugs trade, even being prepared for dog fighting.


This is especially sad when you consider that she was rescued by Morgan Bogle and Scott McDonough from an abusive situation. And now Morgan and Scott are doing everything they can to bring Sugar home, even offering a reward of $10,000, no questions asked. Part of this reward was even donated by Golden State Warriors basketball player, David Lee.

As you can imagine, her parents are beside themselves as temperatures are freezing in NYC and the news that their once-trusted dog walker was not in the frame of mind to do his job. Unfortunately, the dog walker has been committed (and not arrested) and has hired a lawyer and is refusing to offer any further information as to Sugar’s whereabouts. According to Bogle, the police aren’t helping with this search. In fact, he was spotted by neighbors having a full blown meltdown the day Sugar disappeared, kicking the front door where the dog lived and cursing incessantly. Five witnesses said he was on drugs and saw drugs on him.

So if you have any informations about Sugar, please call or text 917-796-0171 or email Use #FindSugar across social media to spread the word.

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    This was posted and I happened to see it. Just passing info. I’m always looking.

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