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Let’s face it. Most of us want to eat healthier on a more regular basis without breaking the bank. And bonus points if the food is easily stored, prepared, and consumed. Okay, now let’s talk frozen food. Don’t turn your nose up. Yes, frozen food gets a bad wrap if you are thinking microwave frozen pizzas, french fries, and fattening ice cream. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

gwyneth paltrow

So enter Gwyneth Paltrow who has just joined the healthy frozen food business by becoming an investor in Daily Harvest (Serena Williams also has some skin in the DH game). Think overnight outs, chia pudding, smoothies, and other nutritious fare delivered directly to your door, for you to enjoy at your leisure, by a real-life delivery man! And don’t worry, no need to take out a second mortgage for this service. Items start as low at $6.49 per cup. Score! And the ingredients read like a goop wet dream: exotic superfoods, whole, organic fruits and vegetables, and no refined sugars or preservatives.

activated breakfast bowl

“Frozen food gets a bad reputation but it’s actually a very practical way to consume nutrient dense- foods,” said Paltrow in a statement to People. “Most people don’t have access to farm fresh produce year-round and often times the produce available in the grocery store was picked before peak ripeness and then traveled a far distance to the store while its nutrients degraded.” She continued,“Farm-frozen produce is picked at its nutritional peak, retains more nutrients and its more readily available to everyone. For this reason Daily Harvest really resonated with me and I am so excited to get behind a revolution in frozen with my investment.”

Coconut + carrot soup

So who would be inclined to sign up for Daily Harvest? We want to know. Comment below!

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