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What to get for that special man in your life? Whether he is dashing, devilish or daring, we have compiled the ultimate gift guide for him. And you can shop the links directly below. What will tickle his fancy?

Gift guide for Him (2)

Kate Somerville Men’s Essentials Holiday Kit

A preventative and restorative skin regime for men that’ll keep skin glowing and youthful straight through winter. Complete with anti-aging properties, and built-in protection against the elements.

Celeb fans: William Tell and Lauren Conrad, Kate Walsh


Junk Food Clothing Co. The Police Tour 1982 Tee

A step above the basic tee, this shirt gives a vintage has the power of Sting behind it. A super soft addition to any guy’s casual wear.

Celeb fans: George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Harry Styles


Teneues The Ferrari Hardcover Book

Ferrari lovers, rev your engines. This book covers the entire course of the brand’s automotive history with artwork from the internationally renowned exclusive photographer, Gunther Rapp.

Celeb fans: Jay Leno, LeBron James, Justin Bieber


Bottega Veneta Intrecciate Billfold Wallet

Purses are to women what wallets are to men: the ultimate accessory. The craftsmanship of this piece is something fit for a gentleman. No boys allowed.

Celeb fans: Tom Cruise, Kanye West, Orlando Bloom


Theory Octave V Coat

Stylish and warm are not mutually exclusive. Crisp, outdoor wear that protects and serves…his style.

Celeb fans: Edward Norton


Tigre Blanc Vodka

Vodka is vodka is vodka…except in this case, where it’s made from 100% wheat in the Cognac region in France and undergoes six distillations. And, as an added bonus to the celebratory holiday libations, a portion of sales is donated to the Panthera Organization, which dedicates itself to protecting the habitats of tigers. I’ll drink to that.


Lanvin Bolt Cuff Links

Cuff links are an overlooked art form. The modern aesthetic of this set utilizes rows of polished rhodium plated bolts for that extra nudge that his outfit never knew it needed.

Celeb fans: Usher, David Beckham


OM One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Welcome to the future. We may not have hovercrafts yet, but we now have the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker. Stationary speakers are so last century.


Pantharella Fawley Cashmere Socks

I see no reason why feet should miss out on the cashmere party. This season, treat his tootsies to a plush cashmere-blend socks to ward off the winter.


Mophie Juice Pack Helium

We’re in the twenty-first century and it’s probably about time that we just accept the depths of our cell phone addiction. Don’t fight it, and whatever you do—don’t run out of battery. This ultra-thin protective battery case for iPhones 5/5s gives you up to an 80% extra battery life. All the better to take too many festive photos with.

Celeb fans: Pete Wentz, Eric Church


Ralph Lauren Two Metropolis Double Old Fashioned Glasses

The ultimate status symbol for any true gentlemen. It’s even inspired by one of Mr. Lauren’s personal desk lamps. Sip stylishly, and at your leisure with a two-set of glasses made of 24% lead crystal.

Celeb fans: Josh Duhamel, Ryan Reynolds


Kate Somerville Men’s Essentials Holiday Kit // Junk Food Clothing Co. The Police Tour 1982 Tee // Teneues The Ferrari Hardcover Book // Bottega Veneta Intrecciate Billfold Wallet// Theory Octave V Coat // Tigre Blanc Vodka // Lanvin Bolt Cuff Links // OM One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker // Pantharella Fawley Cashmere Socks // Mophie Juice Pack Helium // Ralph Lauren Two Metropolis Double Old Fashioned Glasses //


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