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Can you believe that Coachella is right around the corner? Seriously, time flies! In preparation for this now two weekend event, I chatted with Marina Monroe, the owner of Stylehaus (a one-stop boutique and styling studio) at her Coachella-themed Mondrian LA fashion show, showcasing desert chic essentials. After all, who doesn’t want to rock the festival in comfort and style?

A look from Stylehaus' Coachella themed fashion show at the Mondrian LA

RCR: What style trends do you think will be the big at Coachella this year?

MM: High waisted shorts and a bikini top with a crocheted top over it are basically the standard Coachella uniform. I see a lot of girls adding accessories like hair feathers, headbands, and stacks of bracelets, necklaces, and rings to make the look their own. I would expect a lot of flowing maxi dresses, as they are absolutely huge in terms of fashion this season. Since the temperature drops quite a bit in Indio at night, they definitely help keep you warm! Finally, I’m predicting a lot of color this year because color is huge in fashion right now. I’m thinking colored denim with bright tops, and even crazy hair colors will be everywhere!

RCR: What fashion/beauty item should Coachella attendees not leave the home without?

MM: Sunscreen! It gets super hot out there and trust me, you WILL burn! Hair and makeup at Coachella tends to stay pretty natural, so the only beauty items you’ll really need are a little bronzer to highlight the tan you will most definitely get, chapstick, and mascara. A good hairspray helps hold your hairstyle for a day or two, since you probably won’t want to deal with re-styling your hair any more than you need to. A hat would be really helpful as well. During the day, it will shield your face from the sun and at night it will help keep you warm. My favorite hats for Coachella are the wide brim, floppy hats that will definitely transition from fall/winter to spring/summer, and back again. I always recommend that girls not wear sandals if they are planning on trying to get anywhere near the stage. Instead, pack a pair of fun, distressed combat boots, motorcycle boots, or cowboy boots to protect your feet from out of control dancers (not to mention all the dirt!)

RCR: How can the everyday girl achieve the Coachella look?

MM: Coachella fashion should most importantly be fun, and you should always feel comfortable in your look. The great thing about Coachella is that you can literally wear anything. I have seen everything from girls wearing feathered headpieces and face paint to just your average jeans and tank that you would wear on the street at home. Coachella is a great place to try out a trend that maybe you’ve been too nervous to wear in your daily life, i.e. that headband that you think may be a little too intense for the local bar is probably perfect for a stroll around the Coachella campground. If this is the case for you, I would recommend trying only one new trend per day, rather than trying to combine them all in the same outfit (unless you are the type that’s not shy). In that case, Coachella is the perfect time to pile them all on!) Regardless of what clothing options you choose, the easiest way to rock up your look and make it Coachella-ready is to literally pile on the jewelry. You can never wear too many necklaces, bangle bracelets, and rings.

RCR: What celebrities have you seen wearing these looks and how did they achieve them?

MM: Kate Bosworth always looks amazing at Coachella. She wears easy basics and always looks comfortable and cute at the same time. I’m also always excited to see what Alessandra Ambrosio wears to the festival. She tends to dress very Coachellaesque in her daily life so I always like to see what she comes up with for the actual event itself.

RCR: What exemplifies the “Coachella cool” look?

MM: Coachella is all about being with friends and listening to great music while escaping from reality for a few days. “Coachella cool” is exemplified by not looking like you tried too hard. It definitely shows if you’re too preoccupied with your outfit to have a good time! My eye is always drawn to the people who look like they are having the most fun with their look, and who work in eclectic, one of a kind pieces that no one else has. It’s a great idea to hit up vintage shops to find comfy, unique, fun pieces!

RCR: What is the key to dressing appropriately for Coachella?

MM: If you are the type that commits to staying at the festival all day you MUST wear layers (especially if you’re not camping, if you are then it’s super easy to go back to the campsite and change as the weather does). For example, high waisted cutoffs, a bikini top, and a light long sleeved shirt that you can tie around your waist during the day (90′s revival, people!) with a pair of combat boots will keep you cool during the day, and then you can throw the shirt on at night to stay warm (you can always borrow a flannel from a nearby boy if need be as well- the Coachella spirit is all about sharing!) Also, something else I’ve learned over my years of attending: you will, at some point, feel compelled to sit on the shoulders of the nearest willing and able man, so take this into consideration and try and avoid wearing a mini-dress without shorts underneath!

Good advice, Marina! You can shop Stylehaus here.

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  3. A. L. says:

    I can’t wait to shop at Stylehaus. The clothes are so cute

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    Great tips!

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