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Red Carpet Roxy interviewing Kelly Zink of "Nip/Tuck" and "Melrose Place"

Red Carpet Roxy interviewing Kelly Carlson of "Nip/Tuck" and "Melrose Place"

You guys know by now that I am a sucker for animal rescue events, and it is good to know that others in the Hollywood community feel passionately about helping animals as well. So I made my way last night to Fur on Fairfax: D Cups Saving Tea Cups at Bark n’ Bitches, a “humane” pet store. And why are they humane, you ask? Because rather than obtain their pups from puppy mills and breeders as many pet stores do, they rescue the dogs (now over 1,000) through their in house rescue group called Jimi’s Angels and adopt them out at the store. Great idea! And other businesses supporting the cause of rescuing animal came on board as well, like Margo’s Bark, an all-natural cane sugar root beer. Let me tell you, it tasted so good, and what is really great is that 100% of the proceeds going to animal charities. Also, the Last Chance for Animals rescue group was in attendance and proudly displayed photos of the dogs they have rescued from death row at local shelters. There was also a silent auction in which some of the loot up for bids included a dress worn and donated by Megan Fox, a bass and an acoustic guitar given by my one time crush-John Taylor of Duran Duran, a trip to Cabo San Lucas, jewelry, and rock n’ roll art.

Red Carpet Roxy and Calypso

Red Carpet Roxy and Calypso

But the best things up for grabs were definitely the rescued dogs including Precious a relaxed Australian Shepherd/Great Dane mix, Pablo a well behaved Shepherd/Lab mutt, and Calypso a sweet Maltese who knew this was her time to find a home and kept doing tricks on the floor for everyone to see. All coming through Jimi’s Angels and are up for adoption.

Red Carpet Roxy and Pablo

Red Carpet Roxy and Pablo

Bubbly Nip/Tuck and Melrose Place actress Kelly Carlson, a life long animal rescuer, mentioned that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s recent departure from MP was “a blow to the ego” and told me a story about a beagle she saved from a life of neglect and pulled a Pretty Woman transformation. Kelly took the pup to the Beverly Hills hotel, fed her gourmet food, and did a “rags to riches photo shoot” on her now pampered pooch. Environmentalist and vegetarian Ed Begley Jr. revealed to me that when adopting an animal, “they really rescue you.” And Ally Mc Beal alum Greg German, who just lost his rescued dog of 17 years, said he would be getting a “replacement” rescue soon, but joked “not a labracookatoo or any other designer dog.” Other animal loving celebrities who were there to support their furry friends included model Angie Everheart with her new baby in tow, Cougar Town’s Carolyn Hennesy, the Barbi twins, Speidi relative Holly Montag, Christine Elise from ER, and pint sized Disney star Tania Gunadi.

Precious resting on Red Carpet Roxy

Precious resting on Red Carpet Roxy

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