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Famed fashion photographer Richard Phibbs works with celebrities and models regularly, including Jay-Z, Meryl Streep, and Hillary Clinton. But some of his favorite subjects are of the four-legged variety.

shelter dog 3

Phibbs donates his time to the Humane Society of New York and shoots abused, neglected, and suffering shelter pets in the hopes that these glamorous and beautiful pictures will encourage people to adopt them. And he has compiled his shots into a book called Rescue Me! which also features the often harrowing stories behind each dog.

shelter dog 2

So far, he has taken pictures of over 400 animals, and these photos are absolutely stunning. But how does he do it? “We stay low to the floor and don’t make eye contact and put our backs to the dogs so they can kind of feel comfortable,” Phibbs said to ABC News. “Then we can start to show them attention and love.” And voila!

shelter dog 1

But why do this? “My job requires me to travel a lot around the world and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of suffering that I see to animals around the world,” He continued. “It makes me feel heavy-hearted, so as opposed to doing nothing, I found that volunteering my services to The Humane Society is a way that I could help.”

shelter dog 4

You can purchase his amazing book, Rescue Me! here. All royalties from the sale of the book benefit The Humane Society of New York. And please Adopt, Don’t Shop. Save a life.

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