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I had so much fun celebrating Safe Kids Day at The Lot in Hollywood! It was a day of family fun, with dancing, jumbo slides, T-Shirt painting and even live performers. And children’ safety was always a priority, as there were bicycle helmets being handed out to kids,  firemen in attendance to discuss fire safety and Tide was on hand to demonstrate how important it is to keep laundry pods and detergent “up, up and away!” from the littles.

Drew Barrymore

The celebs got in on all of the action too. Children and adults alike gathered around Drew Barrymore in a circle as she read to eager listeners. Mark Wahlberg and wife Rhea Durham walked around with their brood and played water gun safety games, and musician Tom Morello carried his son Roman on his shoulders on the dance floor.

Mark Wahlberg

Also breaking it down was Donald Faison with his cutie potato son Rocco, and Gavin Rossdale was having a blast posing for pictures with his mini-me, Kingston. And Lassie, oh that Lassie! My daughter and I also got to hang with the most famous collie in the world. And my daughter loved her!

Red Carpet Roxy and Lassie

My daughter and I with the one and only, Lassie!

What a great event to teach kids and caregivers about safety. It’s so very important, and maternity clothing designer Rosie Pope has shared some safety tips for keeping children out of danger inside of the home:


Think About Storage and Cleanliness 

Keep all cleaning supplies – including laundry pacs – Up, Up and Away –seal pacs up, store pacs up and keep pacs away. Supplies should be behind a locked door and high up out of children’s reach. Keep cleaning products in their original containers with the label intact. Clean up any spills, and immediately wash your hands and any items you use to pour or measure products.


Think Like a Child 

See things from a child’s perspective. Try getting down on your hands and knees and look around for small items. Educate your children on hazardous products and situations in the home. The world is a dangerous place and you’re not always going to be there. Educating your kids will allow them to make smart choices on their own.


Think Ahead

Always have the numbers of poison control and your pediatrician handy. Remember to educate other guests in your home about house rules. Nannies, mother-in-laws, friends – be sure to let them know important safety precautions like where to store cleaning items. Set reminders for yourself to do safety checks in your home every 3-4 months. Develop and practice a home fire escape plan, with two ways out of the house in case of fire.  


What is your favorite safety tip?

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