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We all love the feeling of being original, and I got to let my creativity flow at the Gap 1969 #lifeisshorts event yesterday. Every guest was able to design his or her own “boyfriend jean shorts”. And while some people went ombre and others went for a splatter paint look, I went for a mix of ombre and spray paint.

Designing the Gap jeans shorts Image

Hard at work designing my custom pair of Gap 1969 jean shorts!


I was greeted with a glass of chardonnay at Eveleigh, which always helps with inspiration! I had to pick between a light or dark wash and naturally, I went for the dark, distressed pair since I need more of that look in my closet right now. Then it was time to start my denim masterpiece. At first I was indecisive, but then clarity finally came, and I put paint to canvas.

The wall of Gap 1969 jean shorts

The wall of Gap 1969 jean shorts


It was so fun catching up with all of my fashion girlies too. And Eveleigh has the best food! Besides the perfect weather and the shorts, the drinks were delish! I couldn’t stop ordering the spiked lemonades. And nothing makes a summertime cocktail better than drinking it out of a mason jar. It was a BBQ after all! And here is my completed denim masterpiece.

My jean shorts masterpiece!

My jean shorts masterpiece!


What do you think? Do you have a favorite DIY project?

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  1. Maddie says:

    Your design is so cute-so simple that I feel like you will get a great use of them…can’t wait to see pics of you paired with the shorts

  2. Elisa says:

    Your shorts are soooo cute!!!!! What a great idea for a party…props to Gap! They should let that be an option in stores

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