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My latest current obsession comes in the form of a must-have beauty tool that I cannot get enough of. It’s called Dermaflash. Inspired by dermaplaining, which can only be done in a medical spa or a doctor’s office, Dermaflash makes this process so much easier because you can do it at home. Easy breezy!

My Dermaflashed skin

My Dermaflashed skin

Basically, you use this device like you would a razor and move it along your face in short, feathery strokes. The exfoliation edge removes dead cells, deposits and peach fuzz (hooray!) with a subtle sonic vibration. And what is left is glowing, dewy, hydrayed skin. It’s really an amazing tool.

I was very skeptical the first time I tried Dermaflash. I mean, how many times have you heard a tool or product promising glowing, dewy skin? But even after the first time I used this, I noticed a change in the texture of my skin. It felt smoother and more supple. And it definitely had more of a natural glow, especially after it swept away years of build up! Literally, I saw it coming off my face. Sort of gross and gratifying all at the same time!


Not to mention, when I applied my serum and moisturizer afterwards, I noticed that they go on much easier than before. It is advisable to use the Dermaflash prep cleanser before you exfoliate, and the Dermaflashe soothe hydrator after. You will definitely want to hydrate after the process because you will want to reduce any irritation you may have. Plus, it just goes on so much better.

And exclusive to Red Carpet Roxy viewers is a 20% discount on all Dermaflash products. Just enter the code: ROXYVIP when you shop Happy shopping!

This post was sponsored by Dermaflash.

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