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Bust out the tissues because this is a real tearjerker. For those of you not familiar with this story, Cane was a 6 year old pit bull who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer back in the fall. He was a shelter dog in Dallas who was lucky enough to be adopted by loving parents in 2008.

Cane from Cane's Bucket List

Cane from Cane’s Bucket List photo credit: Cane’s Bucket List

After his cancer diagnosis, his family chose to make everyday count for him and to show him endless love, so they created Cane’s Bucket List. It was comprised of 15 different activities that they hoped to complete before he passed. Things like swim in the lake in the spring and take tuxedo and bow tie pictures by the Christmas tree. I am happy to report that he was able to complete all of his bucket list items by the time he died last week. Unfortunately, his cancer had spread to his throat, and he was virtually unable to swallow and keep food down, so his parents had to make the heart-wrenching decision to end his suffering by putting him down.

But this list served a dual purpose. Not only did Cane get to live his last months full of love and adventure, but he also because a poster pup for the amazing pit bull, a breed that is so often misunderstood and mislabeled a “bully” breed, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have a pittie mix daughter, and she couldn’t be more loving or more caring or sweeter around my human daughter. They are truly one of the best breeds to adopt. And Cane’s family made an amazing video of the final two days of their beloved pup’s life in the hopes that more people would see that Cane was so loved and that his breed should be as well. Take a moment and view this short piece. Every dog deserves this kind of love.

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