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The smell of coconuts, toes in the sand, a fruity cocktail in hand, and waves crashing at your feet. Yes, it’s that time of year….summer is here! And if you are headed to the beach, or any other locale where you can kick your feet up and dive into a juicy read, have I got the beach book for you.

according to a source


According to a Source, a pop-culture inspired tale of an undercover celebrity reporter who is always on the hunt for scoop, and she might be hurting the relationships that matter most in her life in the process. The book was written by red carpet reporter, Abby Stern, who had relied on her own Hollywood party experience to draw upon for this novel and bring it to life. And I recently sat down with Stern who let me in on her time on the red carpet as well as other juicy bits from the front lines of Hollywood.


Abby Stern

Abby Stern photo cred: Martina Tolot


RCR: So why is this book the perfect beach read?

AS: First of all it’s got Hollywood. You’ve got celebrities and the celebrities are all archetypes. It’s fiction, it’s not a tell all of any sort. The celebrities all have really fun names so it’s like former a-list hot mess actress and not so innocent over-sexualized pop star, sexy indie film actor. Another fun part, aside from just the plot and the story line,is that people can put in whoever they think it might be so it’s a little bit choose your own adventure read in that way. It’s got romance, it’s got a British heiress best friend who’s the most fun character.


RCR: What has been the best event that you’ve covered in your career?

AS: It was a SAG Weinstein after party from a couple of years ago. There were Modern Family cast members, and it was when Damian Lewis was on Homeland, and John Hawkes was there. And it just became the biggest dance party and everyone was outside on the patio, smoking and doing shots and being best friends. So fun!


RCR: What has been your favorite red carpet moment?

AS: Tituss Burgess from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt saw RuPaul on a red carpet and they had never met. Tituss literally got down on his knees and hands and started bowing down to RuPaul. He really has done a lot for opening doors for people. So seeing that combined with the humor of Tituss literally bowing up and down. It was like Wayne’s World “We’re not worthy!” So that was a really fun but beautiful moment.


RCR: So what’s the best part about this job to you?

AS: I think getting to meet people that you loved as a kid.. like I got to meet and interview Dick Van Dyke. Or like the Fraggles. I met the Fraggles! Also, there was a PETA concert and Beck joined Sir Paul McCartney on stage which was so amazing!


RCR: Who’s been the best interview?

AS: Drew Barrymore is so lovely. And Kristen Bell. I’ve had Kristen and I’m sure you have as well. And especially at charity events, she’ll give the interview and we’ll be off doing our thing she’ll come back and be like “I can give you a better soundbite for that.” Because she really truly cares.


RM: What about the people who really want to break into this business? What advice would you give them?

AS: Well, as far as writing goes, I would say you have to write. I could talk about how much I wanted to do it but if I didn’t sit down and do it nothing would happen and you just have to write and you have to write as yourself. I think a lot of people try to fit in to a mold and being true to your voice because that’s what’s gonna sell it because nobody’s got your voice.

For red carpets I’d say intern or try and shadow someone. But you have to prep. You have got to know who people are. You can be star struck a little on the inside, but you have got to be very professional.


According to a Source by Abby Stern will be available in bookstores and on Kindle on May 23rd.


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