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What do disposable razors, Bloody Marys, and toilet paper all have in common? These are some of Amy Schumer’s beauty must-haves. And she revealed so much more in her latest chat with InStyle for the inaugural Beauty Issue. She is also the cover model for the month of May. And here is a sampling of what the first lady of comedy had to say.

Amy Schumer InStyle

IS: What is the beauty product you can’t live without?

AS: Toilet paper! In style!


IS: How do you keep your skin looking so radiant?

AS: I drink A LOT, and then it gets really dehydrated. And then my makeup artist walks in……and she fixes it.


IS: What’s your sunburn cure?

AS: Bloody Mary…..I am a serious sunblock wearer. I put like 160 on my face.

charlize theron monster

IS: What is your secret to sexy beach waves?

AS: Kim Guelder does my hair. I really would look like Charlize Theron in Monster [if she didn't do it]. Like it would be a really thin mullet. And Kim brings it to life. She’s magic.


IS: Wax or shave?

AS: I shave my legs with a disposable razor. Those really awful, little, short, violent ones. And I use nothing [before] and it hurts and I miss full strips on my knees like everyone else!

For more of this interview, head on over to InStyle. What is your favorite beauty secret? Comment below!


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