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Is it just me, or do almost all celebrities have pretty much perfect skin? However, not all of us can afford the world class plastic surgeons and dermatologists that many of them use. And everyone has different skin types, which makes it a little more difficult to determine which treatment works the best. But I will let you in on some beauty secrets that will make your skin look like you should be in the spotlight!


-Remove your makeup with petroleum jelly! It sounds funny, and might feel that way after the first few tries. But this way your eyes are not being drowned in unnecessary chemicals like the ones found in store-bought eye makeup remover. Jennifer Lopez is a fan of this trick!


-Rub some honey on your skin. It sounded a bit sticky when I first heard about this old trick, but as soon as I discovered that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Padma Lakshmi did this, I had to try it. After washing up in the shower, slather some honey onto your skin. It works as a great moisturizer and you’ll smell sweet too!


-The Hilton girls use vitamin C on their skin to keep it bright and healthy. You can buy it in liquid form at health food stores across the country. I use it too and it always adds some brightness to my skin. Just put some on a cotton ball and rub all over the face.


-No need to buy an expensive exfoliater. Jessica Biel swears by using a mix of sugar and extra virgin oil. It serves as an inexpensive form of microdermabrasion. It’s great for your skin if you use it once or twice a week, but just don’t over do it.


-When a zit pops up there is not much you can do. However, Fergie says that she puts toothpaste on them. The chemicals in toothpaste can dry up those unwanted spots in no time. Just use it sparingly and only on the pimple itself because you don’t want to irritate the surrounding skin. Do you have a favorite beauty treatment that you can whip up at home?

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  1. Ann Kozlow says:

    I use vitamin C and I can see a difference! I’m going to try the sugar and virgin olive oil treatment. Thanks for the tips!

  2. justin says:

    nice post. those sound like very easy beauty solutions. I dont thin I could do the honey one but I have used coconut oil as a moisturizer.

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