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It’s no secret that women are hard on themselves. How many times have you stood in front of a mirror and scrutinized your body, finding every fault that you possibly could? I know I have.

4th Trimester Bodies

And I can only imagine that this must get worse after a pregnancy, when there is so much pressure from not only others, but also yourself, to drop the baby weight. So I think it is a great thing that I came across this morning. It’s called the 4th Trimester Bodies Project which spotlights and glorifies women’s bodies after they have their babies, no matter how many stretch marks, imperfections and scars there are.

4th Trimester Bodies

And the women featured are proud of what their bodies have done, creating and delivering these little miracles. Such a healthy way to view post-pregnancy and body image. Click here to read more about this unique project. And by the way, you are beautiful!

4th Trimester Bodies

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